Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Through the Years

For Your Sheer Entertainment, I thought I would pose some comical pictures of my past Halloween's. Feel Free to laugh and enjoy.

Me in 1989 at my aunts house as a bunny....not really sure why I'm crying, lol!
1990, my sis says I look like a mischievous tiger, lol!
1992 I believe, in my pre school parade waving at my mom!
1993 as Jasmine. It was really cold, so I had a sweat shirt under my costume andII hadn't really worn make up before, so I was afraid to put my lips together and mess up the lipstick.....must have been afraid to blink too which is why my eyes are that wide!
My sister, Emily's First Halloween! She was the cutest cow!!

1996, I am Pocahontas (not really sure what's with the mask) and Em is Big Bird...a very small Big Bird.
Me and my Poodle Skirt in 1997, got to dress up for school! :)
Gotta Love Home Made Costumes! I'm Candy Buttons and my sis, of course, is Minnie Mouse.

Here's the last pic, from about 2003. My Sis is a Witch and I am a Show Girl!

Hope you enjoyed laughing at these blast from the past pics!

Happy Halloween!!

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