Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Disucator: Decorating Disney Style

Before the lessons are planned, before the students even walk through the door, there is one thing that a teacher must do: Set up their classroom!!

Decorating a classroom is a time consuming but fun task, and even though there are some things that teachers must have in their rooms, there is plenty of opportunities to make it your own and show off your passions. If your passion is Disney, here are some ideas to create a Disucator's classroom:

  • Collect the small stuffed animals and put them on your desk, bookshelves, and window ledges around the room. Swap them out throughout the year for the holiday stuffies to get your classroom in the holiday spirit.
  • Have Disney pictures on your bulletin boards to add some thematic fun! Look for specific bulletin board ideas in future posts of The Disucator.
  • Small snowglobes, statues or action figures can be placed almost anywhere in the room. The new sensation, Vinalmation, is good to place around the room as well.
  • Need some cubby or locker name tags? Try using the Mickey Mouse paint samples you can get at Home Depot. You can also get a paper punch at your local craft store or scrapbooking store that makes Mickey Heads and glue the Mickey head to index cards for name tags.
Do you have any more ideas? Send me an email at with your idea or just leave a comment on the blog!

Until our next lesson, class dismissed!

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