Friday, October 23, 2009

A Shiny New Addition for Disney Weddings

Disney has found almost every way of making everything needed for the ultimate in Disney weddings. But now they are reaching out to a new area they have not entered before; pre-wedding! How are they doing this you might ask. Why, by designing the very thing that begins most all wedding plans-the Engagement Ring!

Yes, Disney now has its name on a selected variety of rings and bands designed by none other than Kristie Kelly, the designer of the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses! She has designed gorgeous rings, inspired by the princesses, just as her gowns are. You can find her designs on Pascal Mouawad's website by clicking here.

There is a catch to these rings though. According to, the rings are semi-mounts, which means that the center stone of the engagement rings are not included in the price, which alone are $1,200 to $6,000. To pay for the ring, then to have to pay for the stone on top will make the ring a pretty hefty price once it is together. See's article on the rings by clicking here.

The price may be steep, but if is what you really want to show your lifetime commitment to the one you love, then it is yours for the taking! What will Disney come up with next??

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  1. Disney entering the bridal jewelry market is an interesting way to extend their brand. Is this move because the wedding industry is generally thought of as being recession-proof? Guess time will tell. But let’s not get all Goofy about this!!!