Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Timeless Classic Renewed!

As I sit and eat more of my incredibly buttery theater popcorn (like really buttery, I have to practically wash my hands every time I take a bite), I am thinking about the awesome movie I just saw. I had heard that A Christmas Carol was going to be excellent and I was not disappointed! I have seen many versions of this movie, as it is a favorite of my father and because of the general love of Christmas found in the Clawson household, and I was quite impressed. They stuck firmly to the story, incorporating all of the well known scenes and even adding the not-as-known ones, including the infamous hearse. For those who have seen the "Mickey's Christmas Carol", the final scene with the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come really reminded me of the scene as it is done with Pete in that film.

My mom, sister and I did not see the movie in 3D (Mom is not the biggest fan of 3D) but we were easily able to tell where the 3D parts were and even in 2D the graphics were very pronounced! You still felt like you were in the movie itself! The animation was by far the best feature and addition to the classic film. At the beginning, a book opens to an illustration and then the animation switches from the illustration to the live animation of the movie and, if I did not know any better, I would have swore I was watching live actors rather than animation! I knew it would be good, but was blown away by the total quality!

While I am thoroughly impressed with this movie, I will not pretend that it did not have its frightening points. The appearance of the spirits, the hearse...there were some parts that made both my sister and I jump out of our seats. Because of this, I am not sure I would recommend this for young children; there are just some scenes that I would consider nightmare worthy. Then again, I am a total chicken, so if your child is up to the challenge, I highly recommend it! It really is a family movie with a great classic plot and tale of the true spirit of Christmas, I would just hold on to your little ones in case they may be frightened.

So two thumbs way way up for A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey! I would highly recommend it to start off your holiday season!

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  1. Great review! I had heard it was scary for little ones. Mine are 15 and 12 so they should be fine. I love SCROOGED with Bill Murray--that is my favorite Christmas movie. Have you seen that one? I hope that A Christmas Carol will be just as good if not better than Scrooged. Thanks!