Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unique Fundraiser! Can you help my sis?

Hey everyone! I don't usually put stuff like this up, but I thought that it was so cool and it would help my little sis, Emily, pay for her Guard Tuition. Plus, it could give you an idea for a fundraiser you may have to do!

The fundraiser is at www.schoolservices.us.com/shop/. It is like the magazine fundraisers that used to come out years ago except for one awesome feature - the catalog is online!! It has almost anything you can think of! Food, wrapping paper, jewelry, christmas decorations and gift ideas, flower bulbs, toys, kitchen tools and more! And for my Disney parents, there is a set of 5 Disney books under Kids that you may be interested in.

The fundraiser works like this:
  1. You go to the website and shop your heart out
  2. When you go to pay, along with your address and payment information, they will ask for
  • School ID: ws23aps02
  • School Location: Newark, DE
  • Name of the student: Emily Clawson
  • There is NO Homeroom/teacher name, just leave it blank
3. Buy your items and confirm
4. In 1 to 3 weeks, your order will be shipped directly to you!

The money that you spend goes to help my sister pay for her Winterguard tuition. The fundraiser ends Friday December 4th and anyone in the United States or Canada can purchase items. If this sounds interesting to you and you want to do some Christmas shopping, both my sister and I would really appreicate it. And even if you don't, hey, at least I gave you a pretty cool idea for a fundraiser!

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