Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Disucator: Mickey Writing Prompt

Since tomorrow, November 18th is what is reserved as Mickey Mouse's Birthday, I thought it would be fun to put up a prompt and template I have been working on for a bit. The idea is to take the shape of Mickey Mouse's head and use it as a template for a writing prompt.  The face part of his head would be where the children would write their letter, essay, answer to a question, or whatever the teacher poses to the students.  The ears would be for pictures; the left being a picture of the student, whether hand drawn or a photograph and the right ear would be for a drawing of what the student wrote about.

Mickey Mouse Prompt

Subject: Writing

Grade: Primary grades, but easily adaptable

For this lesson, you will need a template of the classic Mickey Mouse shape, a piece of paper (I use white, but almost any light colored paper could work), pencil, ruler and crayons or markers.

Google "Mickey Mouse Head Outline" to get a shape that you would like.  To get your outline the right size, just put the picture on a Microsoft Word document or similar application and stretch it out to the size you would like. Once you print off your template, you may want to glue it to a piece of cardboard or a manila folder so that it is sturdy, then cut it out so that it could be used as a tracer by the children.

Have the children trace the Mickey head onto the piece of paper. 

After the Mickey is traced, use the ruler to draw lines in the head part of Mickey.  Do not draw lines in the ears.  It is the teacher's discretion how many lines the children should draw depending on the age of the students and how much they are expected to write. 

Now for Mickey's Birthday, the children could write about what they would buy Mickey for his birthday, how they would throw him a surprise party, what their favorite Mickey movie is, or any other topic you would like them to write about.

When they are finished writing, have the children draw a picture about the prompt in the right ear of Mickey and in the left, have them either draw a picture of themselves, place a photo of themselves or just sign their name.  Depending how you want to display this writing piece, you can decide if you want the children to cut out the Mickey head or not.

This lesson plan is specifically designed for Mickey's birthday, it not only celebrates in a Disney way, but allows the children to practice their writing. I have a few more more ideas with this Mickey prompt which I will be posting soon, including a bulletin board idea.

Until next time: Class Dismissed!

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