Friday, November 5, 2010

Great Disney Toy Deals for friends in the UK

In the past, I have written posts that only pertained to everyone in the US and/or Canada.  Well, this is not one of those posts. In fact, this post is especially for all of my friends in the United Kingdom.  I understand how difficult it can be for you to buy Disney items when you are so far away from Disney.  Well, if one of the items you are looking for are toys and games for your children, then I think I have found a reasonable solution for you!

Tesco Direct has come to me to let you all know about the awesome and affordable Disney toys and games that they have.  While I was looking through the site, I found toys and games that I have never seen before, they are very unique and look like a lot of fun! The prices seem to be quite affordable as well! (Thank you to my friend Kymie for confirming  as I am not well versed in pounds)

 So what are the toys that they offer? Well I have 3 links to share: Toy Story Toys and Games, Disney Princess Toys and Games and Disney/Pixar Cars Toys and Games. There are quite a lot of toys and for all ages! Are any of these categories featured on your child's Christmas list? Want to find something unique and Disney to surprise them with this year? It is definitely worth your time for you to check out these Tesco sites!

Have you used Tesco before? Are you planning to purchase from them in the near future, especially for any Disney items? Leave your feedback and let me know what you think?

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  1. Thankyou for posting an item for us Brits!! :~) We often like to shop at Tesco, especially when there are great offers to be found!!