Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get Ready for Tangled!

Tangled is out today! I thought I would post a few more images of the movie that Walt Disney Pictures has so kindly provided! These pictures seem to show more of the personality of the characters, especially the animals! Enjoy!




Pascal a big bug-eyed

Pascal looking Flynn over

One really creepy guy!

Flynn and Max fighting

Flynn about to be catapulted

Close call for Flynn Rider

Smooth Criminal

Flynn admiring himself

Mother Gothel and some goons

Mother Gothel loves Rapunzel's hair

Max with Attitude

I think Maximus lost Flynn

Flynn and Rapunzel with the lanterns

Flynn and Rapunzel with the lanterns

Looking Down

Really unique image of Rapunzel sweeping

The bar is called the Snuggly Duckling.....Really?!

Max and Flynn seem to fight a lot

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