Friday, July 15, 2011

Counting to the Magic: 3 Days

3 Days to go....So Close, I can almost taste the Dole Whip Float!!!

Sadly, the food is one thing that I cannot share with you, my blog and twitter friends while I am on my trip. I can though send you updates and pictures to try to bring the experience to you! I also enjoy interacting during a popular twitter game called Spaceship Earth Roulette. Haunted Mansion Roulette is not as well known, but I do play this as well.  The rules for SSE and HM Roulette are this: I announce when we are going on the attraction and you place your "bets" on which room our car will stop in!  These two attractions are omnimovers, a type of car that is in constant motion to accommodate a steady pace and more visitors.  This steady movement is occasionally interrupted when someone who needs extra assistance getting on a car is getting on the ride. Because of the frequency of this at times, this game was invented to see when you would slow down or stop in the attraction. It is a fun way to get your friends online involved in your vacation!

Splash Mountain Roulette is a more simple game: As you climb the final hill, before the large drop, you hear Brer Fox threaten Brer Rabbit with some kind of death, right before Brer Rabbit convinces him to throw him into the briar patch.  There are four threats that Fox can say and you have to guess which one he will say on your ride.

Here are the choices for each game so that you can play along when I call the game on twitter! Don't follow me on twitter, give me a follow at for all my trip updates!

Spaceship Earth Roulette: Vortex (Climbing up), Cave Men, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Rome Empire, Rome Burning, Jewish Scholars (Backup system and sleeping monk), Printing Press, Renaissance, Sistine Chapel, Civil War Paper Boy, Telegraph, Telephones, Movie Theater and Radio, Moon Landing, Large Computer room, Computer Garage guy, Globe Room, Descent (backwards)

Haunted Mansion Roulette: Picture Hallway, Library, Eyes on the Wall, Noisy Hallway and Coffin, Madame Leota's Room, Ballroom, Attic, Descending out of the Attic, Graveyard, Hitchhiking Ghosts

Splash Mountain Roulette: Cook Ya, Skin Ya, Roast Ya, Hang Ya

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