Sunday, July 10, 2011

Counting to the Magic: 8 Days

When I go to WDW, at least my last two visits, I tweet.....A LOT!!!!! I love having my technology on my vacation, being able to connect with friends and share my experiences with others.  I recently got a brand new technology toy and I can't wait to use it in WDW, a new Sony Handycam!! My parents have this camera and have loved it, so they bought it for me as a graduation present! This video camera is so smooth, I loved the video it took in Florida last year and how easy the video was to download and edit!  I am looking forward to using this to capture our vacation in a whole new way!

Here is a video shot with a similar camera that my parent's got last year


  1. Awesome sound and video quality! How long does the battery last?

  2. The battery it came with lasts about an hour, but I bought one from the Sony website that is supposed to last over 6 hours, which I am hoping is enough :)

  3. We're 7 days away and I can't wait to use my new digital camera around the parks!