Friday, December 18, 2009

Disney Dream Weddings Special

The one thing a girl looks forward to her entire life is her wedding! Just the idea of looking like a princess, walking down the aisle to her prince just seems like a living fairytale! fairytale....sounds like another place I know......Why of course! Walt Disney World!! (Like I could forget that!) I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend your living fairytale than in the one place where fairytales and dreams come true every day!

Why do I bring this up? No, this is not my engagement announcement, I bring this up because I just watched an incredible television special on the Disney Dream Wedding and I just have to share the great information in this with you!

The special, which aired on WEtv last week and was hosted by celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, followed a couple as they planned their dream wedding in Walt Disney World. It even showed you how it all came together on their wedding day! The couple picked one of the David Tutera's Couture collection for their wedding, the Simply Chic. I will be honest, it was not my favorite of his 4 collections, but it was still beautiful and the bride adored it when she saw it all come together.

This show covered everything you could think of, every detail that goes into a wedding! They showed the choices of a small or large wedding, the flower arrangements and how they are made, they even showed what a rehearsal dinner could look like! They talked about cakes, all the different kinds that you can have and even showed how, if the bride has a specific design she wants for the cake, they will follow her exact instructions. The couple they followed actually had a custom made cake that the bride saw in a magazine. This just shows that Disney will do ANYTHING to make sure that your wedding day is how you want it to be.

Wedding dresses were even covered! They visited a bride-to-be trying on some of Kristie Kelly's Disney Princess wedding gowns, which I am in love with by the way! Just to see the look on the bride's face when she found that perfect dress is a wonderful sight!

The Disney Dream Weddings special covered every aspect of a wedding and answered a lot of typical questions that a bride and groom-to-be would have. The showed the expensive and affordable sides to a Disney wedding and what makes a wedding in Disney unique from a wedding anywhere else in the world.

Oh, and a quick side note! Disney Weddings can not only help you plan your wedding and your honeymoon, they now have a new feature, Disney Engagements! Their website give you ideas on the perfect spot to pop the question and ways to make that magical moment more memorable than ever! They can even help you plan special surprises to highlight that perfect moment!

For information on Disney Engagements, visit their website by clicking here.

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