Thursday, December 17, 2009

DVC Webcasts Confirm my Likes again!

This past Saturday, I watched a Disney Vacation Club Webcast called "Unwrapping the Magic". In this webcast, we were shown around all of the Disney parks and were able to see what the parks looked like and did around the holidays. They also spent time talking about getting a DVC, of course. They explained the prices, where to get one, how to get one, and what the points can be used for. They even give special offers to people who watch the webcast, incredible deals on DVC properties!

Chris and I have looked at DVC's in the past, hoping to get one in the future, and where we would want to get one has been debated back and forth. I had to say after watching this Webcast, I am starting to lean towards Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The rooms just look so beautiful, some even are Lion King themed!! I know we will be vacationing mainly on Disney properties, but just knowing that we can also use it for other places, like New York or Hawaii or Europe is really awesome!

Overall, i found the Webcast to be very entertaining, informative and fun and I will most definitely watch one again! I want to get as much information as possible before making such a big purchase. Another plus side to the DVC webcast, they give out great free prizes to those who are watching! This time, I actually won something (which is rare, I never win anything)! I got a gift package from DVC which included a Santa Mickey hat, mug, ornament, luggage tags, coffee, Shortbread cookies, pretzels, mustard, and a mickey shaped plate! It was a very awesome prize, i was so excited! Here are a few pics:

Here's the package!! :)

The Genuine Shortbread Cookies!!!!

Its a cute little Ornament

All the stuff that it came with

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