Sunday, December 13, 2009

June Trip Update

This morning I got up at 5:30 in the morning to prepare to book my dining online!!.....only to find out that I could only book our first day and that if I wanted to book online, I would have to wake up every day for the next week and book the restaurants we wanted that day to ensure we got the restaurants that we want. I was very frustrated by this and after going back to sleep for a little bit, I decided I would try calling at 7 and see if calling made any difference. The worst they could say is no. But they didnt!!

Because Chris and I are staying at a resort on property (Animal Kingdom Lodge for those who are just coming into the trip report), we were able to book over the phone! We got everything we wanted with only a few changes in time! Here are our choices:

6/12- Cap'n Jacks for 6:30pm
6/13- San Angel Inn for 6:00pm
6/14- Boma for 6:05pm
6/15- Crystal Palace for 8:05am
6/15- 'Ohana for 9:30pm (Have to call again about this one, the schedule wasnt out yet so this is the only time they had. we are hoping for 7:30)
6/16- T-rex Cafe for 6:00pm
6/17- Chef Mickey's for 5:30pm
6/18 (Chris' Birthday)- 50's Prime Time for 12:05pm
6/18 (Still Chris' Birthday)- California Grill for 9:00pm

These are our restaurant plans!! We are so so excited to be doing these!! Once everything gets cleared up about 'Ohana, Ill post our basic itinerary!

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