Monday, December 7, 2009

Poems and Pins: New Features on The True Disney Fan

I have decided to start a few new features here on the blog to keep it fresh, interactive, and ever changing for you viewers.

The first feature is a showcase of pins that I have collected throughout my trips to Walt Disney World. When I go down to WDW, I get a new lanyard and fill it with pins that I like or one that have a meaning from that trip. For instance, I'll get pins from rides that I had gone on for the first time or new restaurants that I visited. I will put a picture of the pin in the side bar and write a little caption under the picture explaining when I got the pin and why. I would also like to invite anyone who has a favorite pin or a story about a pin, or even a comment about the pin that I put up to please email me at and I would be more than happy to put it up here on the site.

The second feature, and my favorite, is a poem of the week. Haiku writer extraordinaire J.B. Conway, known as Mouseofzen on twitter, will have a featured Disney Haiku every week here on the blog. He writes tons of poems related to Disney topics, past and current. You can even send him a topic and he will write a poem on it! He is currently working on a book with all of his poems compiled. The following is a description of the book:

Finding new inspiration, Police Officer J.B. Conway has revisited his passion for poetry and cultivated his fervor for Disney with Mouse of Zen. Always having been creative, Conway turned to writing as an outlet. He published a passionate book of poetry after the 9/11 tragedy titled Crime Scene Lyrics which explored themes of loss, despair, love, hope and joy. Conway’s enthusiasm and love for Disney was rekindled after he witnessed Cinderella's Castle through his young children's eyes back in 2006, creating a turning point in his life. Mouse of Zen was a natural progression of a love of poetry, the simplicities and complexities of the natural Japanese art form known as haiku, and a rapidly growing fascination with the entire Disney universe. This collection of Disney inspired, mouse-sized poetry envelops all feelings, sights, sounds, smells, beauty, love, and passion found deep in the nooks and crannies of Disney parks, movies, and attractions. These invigorating works of art will appeal to and offer a fresh perspective to the magic found in us all.

You can read more of his awesome poems by following him on twitter or on his facebook page, MOUSE OF ZEN. If you have any feedback, comments or questions for Mouse of Zen, you can email him at

I hope you enjoy these new features on The True Disney Fan! Look for these to be updated every week and please send your feedback to either J.B. or myself!!

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