Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Technology Making Magic Happen

As us Disney fans know, the thing that makes Disney so appealing is the magic that you feel when you are there, the feeling that no matter how old you are, you can act like a kid there! And while Disney will do that all year round, there is a special time of the year that magic just seems to be everywhere....You guessed it, Christmas time!! Just the idea that Santa is coming around the world to spread happiness to all, the magic is seen on children's faces whenever the word Santa is mentioned, its just heartwarming!

For the last few years, I have been keeping an eye on something that makes the magic feel so real! It is a satellite that is ran by US-Canadian military organizations called NORAD that actually tracks Santa as he flies around the world! His position is updated as he makes his flights and even sometimes there is live video as he flies over major cities!

There are some great new updates to the site this year, including being able to track Santa's flight on Google Earth (check it out by clicking here)! There is a map of Santa's Village at the North Pole that allows the children to see which area of his village is the busiest that day and has some fun activities for them to play (click here). The site even gives facts about Santa, and if you come to the page on New Years Eve, you are able to see how many cookies Santa eats that day as he travels the world! (click here)

The best part about NORAD Santa Tracker, you are able to see your children's face light up when they see that Santa is getting closer and closer to their house! They may even go to bed voluntarily! (We can only hope anyway!)

To visit the NORAD Santa Tracker page and track Santa's flight on Christmas Eve, click here!
Follow the NORAD Santa Tracker on Twitter at twitter.com/noradsanta
Check out the fan page for NORAD Santa Tracker at facebook.com/noradsanta

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