Friday, December 11, 2009

Disney World with the Holiday Touch

I just finished watching "Behind the Magic: Disney Holidays" on HGTV and I was blown away! I knew a lot of the information (since I am minorly obsessed) and I've seen pictures and video of the parks at the holidays before, but it was all very well presented by the host, David Bromstad, and he helped to bring a new light to the holidays. I loved seeing the transport trucks that all of the decorations get hauled on and seeing all of the trucks and workers all over the Magic Kingdom. And, I will be honest, there were a couple spots that made me a bit teary eyed, just thinking about being there and seeing all of the magic and wonder.....its just so overwhelming and moving! It was a great television special and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to know what goes into making Disney as magical as it is.

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