Thursday, September 10, 2009

D23 Expo away from the Expo

If you are like me and are not one of the incredibly lucky people who are at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, you are trying to find every internet source possible to get information about it. I thought I would help you all out by putting some of the popular links I have up here on the blog. If you know of any that I do not have, please post them in the comments, as I am trying to follow every source I can get my hands on!!

Lou Mongello's Live Cam - Lou Mongello is hosting a LIVE cam from his pavilion on the Collectors Forum floor at the Expo! He has had many people stop by already to say hi to the cam and him and his wife update the people watching on what is going on! Check the cam out and feel free to chat and ask questions in the chatroom that is there!

Disney D23 Official Site- They have tons of information about the Expo, including pictures and schedules of all of the events going on this weekend!

AllEarsNet Updates- Deb from will be tweeting and updating blogs from the conference! Check out all hear info at the site.

The Glamorous Life Association- This site has tons of great pictures from the conference! Make sure to check them out!

Magic Never Ends Blog- Will has an awesome list compiled of D23 attendees, some of them I do not have on here, so make sure to check it out!! His blog is awesome to boot, so look around!

Twitter users who are tweeting information and pictures from the Expo:
Stitch Kingdom
Disney 23 D23Expo
Disney Parks
Lou Mongello
Justin Muchoney

Again, if any of you know of any more sites, please send them my way or post them in the comments. I know there has to be more than this!!!

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