Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trouble Brewing off The Port Bow!!

No, this is not some hurricane heading towards Florida. This is a trouble of a different sort, trouble that may be heading towards the newly announced Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie. It began with the announcement that the Chairmen of Walt Disney Studios, Dick Cook, has stepped down from his position. Whether he was fired or quit has been speculated.

He seems to have been a great guy and whether he was fired or resigned, i think Disney lost a key player, especially after his talk at D23. This could also be bad for them because of Johnny Depp. He is not happy about this because he was close to Cook and found him to be very trustworthy. He has a POTENTIAL deal for Pirates 4, but he has not signed completely on for it yet, he is waiting to see the script, so Disney could still lose him for the part, which I'm predicting would cause a MAJOR decrease in sales for the film.

And who are they looking at to take his place??? Kevin Fiege, president of production at Marvel??? Just because Iger got 'close' to him while they were working out the Marvel acquisition?? I don't know if this would be the best of choices so close after the acquisition and when noone really knows who he is. I think John Lasseter would be a better choice, he has been with the company longer and has proven himself, people know his name, he is a popular guy...i mean come on, he had the only sold out talk at the D23 expo! Going with him would be Disney's best bet.

Then again, this is all just in my opinion. I want to hear yours! Send me an email at lady_aurora_yensid@hotmail.com or leave a comment on this post and let me know what you think about all of this.

Here are a couple articles with some good information about all this craziness.




  1. Who knows what might happen now. Johnny does have creative control and director approval for POTC4 so the power moving forward will be Johnny and Disney working together. I believe that Johnny would like to keep the franchise going since he likes doing Disney family films for his kids.

  2. I hope they don't go with Lasseter because he can add so much more on the Pixar side of the house. But I agree with you that throwing a bone to the Marvel guy is asking for trouble. In general the Marvel deal could wreak havoc with the Disney culture if not managed very skilfully, and this is probably not the way to start out.

    As for Depp, I'm sure he'll do the film unless he's been supremely insulted. I'm guessing this is all a big contract dance between his agent and the studio.