Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun and Unique Sites out of the D23 Expo

So, the D23 Expo is done. I know I am missing it already! So much has come out of this Expo, from Disney themselves to the exhibitors on the floor. Before I get to the major information that Disney gave out, I thought I would give some shout outs to some people met and sights that were seen thanks to Lou Mongello's Live webcast from the Expo.

Olszewski Studios- While this is an already popular name among collectors, I thought I would put his website out there because he had an amazing table at D23 and Lou was able to get some of his items signed, which was awesome!

Retro 51- This site has some awesome and unique Disney Pens for sale, as well as some other non-Disney items! Has an incredible display at D23!

Noah Fine Art (Disney)
- OMG this art is incredible!!! They capture such a look of Disney while being so individual......they are just gorgeous!! I want one of everything!!

Disney Fine Art- This page just has tons of amazing Disney art pieces! There was a lot of art work displays at D23 and all of them were just wonderful!

These are just some of the awesome sights that were at the D23 Expo! If you know of any more or if you yourself have a site that you would like me to add to this page, please just sent me an email at and I will put it right up here!

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