Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Disney Mom's Panel Interview with JL. Knopp aka NDM #1

We continue with our Mom Panel Applicant interviews, hearing now from J.L. Knopp, or as many know her by, NDM #1

What made you want to apply for the Disney Mom’s Panel?

It has been my dream since I was a little girl to work for Disney in some capacity. I thought that my opportunity had passed me over when I got married at 20 years-old and moved to VA, but this is a great opportunity to be able to get involved with Disney even from a long distance as well as help other families enhance their Disney vacation experiences. Could there possibly be anything better than that?

What did you have to do to apply?

So far it has only involved answering three essay-type questions online. Each answer had to be with one-hundred words.

What were the requirements to apply?

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have access to a computer and an Internet connection.
  • Be familiar with Walt Disney World® Resort and have visited at least once in the last 12 months.
  • Be fluent in the English language.
  • Complete at least fifteen written responses per week.
  • Provide your opinions and feedback.
  • Submit an autobiography and personal photo to be posted online.
  • Be available to travel to Walt Disney World® Resort from December 4-8, 2009.
  • Be willing to participate for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Not be current employees/Cast Members of The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries, must not be immediate family members of a current employee/Cast Member of The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries, and must not currently reside with a current employee/Cast Member of The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries. In addition, participants must not be employees, contractors, advisors or consultants for, must not hold more than a de minimis ownership interest in, and must not serve on the Board of Directors of, any entity (other than The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries) which owns or operates any hotel, resort or theme park located in Orange, Osceola, Lake or Seminole Counties, Florida. Participants may not be employed, own or be a contractor in a related (travel and entertainment) industry.

    What exactly does someone on the Disney Mom’s Panel do?

    They answer questions, offer advice and address specific concerns of families in the process of planning a trip to Walt Disney World® Resort.

    What do you feel qualifies you to be on the Mom’s Panel?

    When you grow up in FL, all roads tend to lead to Disney. School trips, family occasions, youth organization outings all tend to go there for special events. Because of this I've been there countless times with countless groups for a variety of different circumstances. The different experiences have brought me a vast amount of knowledge on experiencing the parks thoroughly and with efficiency. In addition to that, my Disney obsession compels me to stay on top of the latest information and news as well as be connected with others who share my interest in Disney.

    In addition to that, I enjoy communicating in written form and feel that I do that well. For this reason, this panel feels as if it was designed with me in mind.

    If you got onto the panel, what would you want to do?

    Obviously, the primary desire is to help others find ways to get their family to Disney for the best possible vacation experience in a manner that meets their particular family's circumstances. However, I do happen to have an idea or two that I think would enhance the Mom's Panel value, but I'll have to see if I make the panel before I could let those ideas go.

    Any other thoughts?

    My first thought is to pass along a little pixie dust to all the moms who took the time to apply for the panel. I know that we all share a love for Disney because of the great ways that it has contributed to our lives and are anxious to be given a chance to give something back. I have no doubt that Disney will have a tough time making cuts, and we all could use a little luck in helping us stand out from the crowd.

  • Make sure to stop by J.L. Knopp's Website, www.thedisneydrivenlife.com check it out!

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