Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Dream" Dream Job Realized

Yes, I am going to Neumann University to be an elementary school teacher and Yes, that is what I want to do. I love teaching and working with the children and I’ve wanted to do this since I was a little girl. This job is what I would call my “Real” Dream Job, but this is not the only Dream Job that I have. I also have my “Dream” Dream Job as I call it, the job that I would absolutely love to have more than anything, but its not as realistic or practical. This job is working in some way, shape, or form with Disney. It does not have to be anything official in the Disney Company itself, (though that would be AMAZING) but just something related to Disney in some way.

As of a couple weeks ago, this dream of mine finally came true! I am now the Social Media Admin and all around tech girl for Celebrations Magazine! I take care of the Magazine’s Twitter, Facebook page and advertise the magazine where I can online. I have been having a blast with this and love working with everyone associated with the Magazine and I look forward to my future work! When big things are happening with the magazine, I will make sure to post something about it here on my blog as well.

For anyone who is interested in checking out the magazine, go to


  1. Not to mention your amazingly new show THE SORCOM REVIEW on Sorcerer Radio! You're going to do amazing, I can't wait to hear your debut show tomorrow!!!

  2. Hey, congrats! Looking forward to seeing where you take the social media presence of Celebrations Press. Are the FB/Twitter accounts online yet? Let me know when they are (I'll definitely subscribe :)!


  3. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!!! :D