Saturday, June 25, 2011

2 Years of........


How would you describe the last two years of this blog?? Yes, today, 2 years ago, The True Disney Fan came to be and WOW has it grown!! I have been able to write about tons of pieces of information and my writing on here has even led me to write for other websites, like the Disney Dispatch, The Disney Driven Life and even the Philadelphia Examiner!

As much fun as I am having writing this blog, it is really the feedback I get from my friends that keeps me going! Everyone who reads this and shares a story with me or even just says hello really makes me want to continue writing.  I am inspired by what I see and hear throughout the Disney community and I hope that I have been inspiring to someone too!

All I want to say is Thank You for reading and going on this crazy journey with me and you know as long as I can find something crazy to write about, this blog will be here this time next year and, hopefully, for many years to come!

Thank you and Much Love,
Jess (Lady_Aurora)

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