Monday, June 27, 2011

Counting to the Magic: 21 Days

Woo Hoo!!! Yes!!! 3 weeks from today I will be hopefully somewhere in Virginia, or North Carolina if we are lucky, on our way to Walt Disney World!!! I am so excited!! I am going to ride, eat and take pictures!!! In case you couldn't guess from the last 28 or so posts, I am a HUGE picture taker, especially in Walt Disney World! I was down for 6 days on my last trip, took almost 1700 pictures....yea, I'm kinda crazy.

I'm really into landscapes and catching unique angles or any angle that just catches my eye.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from my last trip in August:

Perfect timing for the rainbow

A close up on the castle that is not normally available

Interesting perspective, taken from a moving Dumbo

A side of BTMRR that is not normally seen, taken from Fort Langhorn

Storm clouds over Space Mountain, taken from Astro Orbiter (Yes, it was moving also)

Love the reflection angle on this

Again with the reflection

A rare shot in the middle of the day in Epcot, no people!

The balance on this photo is something that I thought was unique

Odd looking cloud in here...can you spot it?

I love how the two "globes" balance each other in this photo

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