Monday, June 20, 2011

Counting to the Magic: 28 Days

Since the invention of the Park Hopper Pass, is it very normal for people to be in two, possibly even three parks in one day.  While this has given lots more options for your trip to Walt Disney World, I do miss the days like my first vacation, spending the entire day just exploring all there is to be seen in one park.  Well, on this vacation, we are going back to basics for one day and spending the entire day, from rope drop to EMH close, in Magic Kingdom!! After a very early breakfast at Kona Cafe, Chris and I are gonna head over to Magic Kingdom, hopefully to see the rope drop and then spend the entire day in the park, snacking, riding, watching and just overall having fun!! It will be even more awesome since the park does not close until 2am! That will be about 17 hours in Magic Kingdom!

Was not sure what kind of cool extra to attach to this post, so how about a couple pictures:

This picture is from our first trip to WDW in 2002, the afternoon of our first day! I was actually taller than my sister!

This is from last June on Chris' birthday, Magic Kingdom was open til 3am! We still look a little wet after our midnight run down Splash Mountain

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